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This is the official website for Project '79, the college preparatory alternative at Westfield High School. We've chosen to use Tumblr and various other interactive social networks in order to reinforce our mission to challenge and engage our students in ways relevant to their lives.

~ Tuesday, October 21 ~

Part of p79’s mission is to expose students to a range of experiences that may kindle curiosity and passion. Chicago artist John Opera provided one such example through his Monday morning talk called "Photography and Materiality". Opera, who has shown his work in galleries from Miami and New York to L.A. in recent months, discussed different phases of his artistic interests as he illustrated a tendency to pursue new challenges that test his creative and technical limits.

There was a great deal to think about as well as look at: at one point, Opera reflected on the fact that photography, like so much of life, presents only the surface of things. When we get better at seeing, we may begin to grapple with what lies underneath—including the processes that have caused things to seem the way they do. 

Photographs by John Opera (Instagram: johnopera)

11 min. documentary in which John Opera discusses his process for making cyanotypes for his 2012 Chicago show People, Places and Things

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Well done, #USPS! Fanwood was out of the Janis stamps also part of this series, or you’d see them here.

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~ Friday, October 17 ~

Project ‘79 is pleased to announce that Chicago artist John Opera will be making a rare appearance on the East Coast next Monday morning. The son of a NY State geologist and physics teacher, Opera makes work that appeals to lovers of mathematics and chemistry as well as art. His recent shows in Miami, L.A., Chicago and NYC have featured work that re-engineers 19th century photographic processes to capture realistic, abstract, and confabulated images. His Monday morning presentation in room 166 is called “Photography and Materiality,” and there are a few slots available for non-members of Project ‘79—period 2 only. Contact phorn@westfieldnjk12.org for details. 

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~ Monday, October 13 ~

PROJECT ‘79 returns to Chatham Playhouse Thursday, October 16th to see Clybourne Park, the powerful Pulitzer prize-winning comedy about race, space, and place by Bruce Norris. The subject matter is important for American audiences today, but be warned that the script includes some salty language.

To join us, contact phorn@westfieldnjk12.org.

For more information about the play, visit http://www.njartsmaven.com/2014/10/review-broadway-worthy-clybourne-park.html 

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~ Monday, October 6 ~
The Justices may not have been ready to acknowledge, at the time, that they were ruling on a fifty-state right to same-sex marriage.
Amy Davidson on the Supreme Court’s biggest gay-marriage decision (via newyorker)

Remarkable news! Yes? No? Remarks? Concerns?

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~ Sunday, October 5 ~
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~ Friday, October 3 ~
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~ Wednesday, October 1 ~
~ Friday, September 26 ~

Final installment from Tuesday’s New Member BBQ: the Crabwalk Races. In program, little can be explained about the Wicke Brothers’ preternatural skills in this event.

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~ Thursday, September 25 ~

More shots from our 9/23 BBQ in honor of new members. Of course O.G.s like Lois are welcome to meet and greet, but the focus is on new folk like Mrs. Ciampini (English), who brought her son Hudson. Mrs. Spring’s boy Evan Wyatt rocks mini-p79 swag, while alum Aeri Ball-Pringle returned to show off some classic attire (shot 4, left, with Kirsten holding personal steak). Shot 5 shows die-hard commitment best reserved for seniors!

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