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This is the official website for Project '79, the college preparatory alternative at Westfield High School. We've chosen to use Tumblr and various other interactive social networks in order to reinforce our mission to challenge and engage our students in ways relevant to their lives.

~ Wednesday, May 7 ~

NEWS BRIEF: Latest Project ’79 #publicart: Knit-Bomb Bike and Rack No. 3. On Friday, May 2nd, the staff and students of Project ’79, Westfield High School’s alternative education program, presented their third decorated bike rack and a knit-bombed bicycle to the WHS community.

Mr. Roy Chambers, WHS graphic design teacher and p79 artist-in residence, orchestrated the projects, collaborating with Ms. Michelle Stumbers, Ms. Gosia Kaczynski, and p79 students. Chambers described the project as “an effort to get students and staff to ride bikes to school for environmental, health, and exercise reasons.” Project ’79 hopes that the new color schemes and knit bike draw attention to the bike racks, promoting healthier transportation choices.

The painting of the rack and the knitting on the bicycle was a team effort, which effectively ensured that every member of Project ‘79 was engaged. Every p79 member had the opportunity to contribute, and so leave their artistic mark on their school community while attempting to reduce the pollution mark on our world.

Reported by Sabra A. p79 ‘15

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